DC converter 28 laptop adapter Laptop power Converter

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DC converter 28 laptop adapter Laptop power Converter

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DC converter 28 laptop adapter Laptop power Converter

The female socket is DC 5.5*2.1 standard interface. It is not two-pin.
The 28-piece size specifications are as follows:
1. 40135 tightly loose 15 17908 yellow
2. 5515 DC Black 16 7406 Black
3. 5011 core needle yellow 17 three hole head
4. 4817 tuning fork yellow 18 5519
5. 4017 tuning fork yellow 19 6014 with needle
6. 35135 DC red 20 6330 DC green
7. 4817 bullet black 21 5525 DC white
8. 3011 DC black 22 5525 tuning fork black
9. 3.5 Mono 23 5021 DC Blue
10. 2.5 mono 24 5521 tuning fork yellow
11. 2507 tightly loose yellow 25 5015 DC black
12. 23508 tightly loose yellow 26 5517 tuning fork yellow
13. 3511 tightly loose black 27 5021 DC black
14. 2005 tight mouth black 28 5025 DC black
28-pack multi-function notebook power supply head, can be applied to Apple. Fujitsu. Lenovo. HP, DELL, IBM, SONY, BENQ, and other common notebooks on the market, with multi-function DC power tester, More than 90% of notebooks can be turned on and charged, fully addressing the needs of joint conversion in daily maintenance.
Note: This is dedicated for maintenance. It needs to be connected to a regulated DC power supply. Directly connecting 220V will burn your notebook.
Because DELL and HP notebooks require power-on and charge detection to detect the adapter’s power-on voltage, this package cannot charge DELL and HP notebooks.
The female end of the adapter is 5.5*2.1MM. (That is to say: the interface of the DC power cable of the power adapter you are using is 5.5*2.1MM male, this interface is the most common interface)


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